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The place to be was the War Memorial, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where Dick Clark ran some of his televised dance shows. Here was heaven and Dan"Z"ing to " Da " Jazz 1957- 1963. Swing was not only Social Dancing at it greatest, but liberation. It was the foundation of the modern youth market.
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Dan"Z"ing to "da" Jazz Roger M. Christian.." Been doin tis since '59.  Then later it was Freddie James's polish- Arthur Murray's top Lindy Hop'per during the 70's-you know where he is-email me. Try Lindy Dance Competitions. The Ithaca Swing Dance Classes Directory.
At Miami Springs Junior High Ted Hendricks dominated the dance floor  in both Latin and Swing.  He did very much  the   same later in professional sports,  A real natural. Also Dianne Hardison was likewise the best.  Here Coach Friday, of Phys  Ed   was one of the leading Lindy dancers in the State of Florida and during the winters taught us Jitterbug-Southern Style Lindys.  Later  Ted entered   Miami University and became it's football team's  Quarterback, and four years later a most impressive all American  as  Defensive End for the Baltimore Colts.  The Year  was 1960 when Lindy Hop, Swing  and Latin dancing was hotter than just shot rifle barrel at the junior high's  social dance scene.
The Inter - related Approach:
Dan " Z " ing to " da " Jazz is taught on the interrelated approach by which the student is taught an easier way of learning Swing-Jitterbug, West Coast Swing, and Lindy, as well as free styling their dance to fit their " own " individual personality_" ALL AT THE SAME TIME".  Thus during the orientation stage the client is introduced how this can be done and the effectiveness of this in their " individualize" REAL "connection to the music; thus, this is the empowerment approach.  The interrelated teaching approach was personally learned by specific training techniques taught by Arthur Murray-who created it-Dance Studios to every one of its dance teachers, and made the name Arthur Murray what it is today, the leader in dance instructional services.  Then Arthur Murray's Lindy Hop Master was Freddie James. Moreover, the impact of this specific teaching technique has further positive impacts students interest in taking dance.
Elvis is always KING.
I  remember my first dance partner..Alice Adams of Hialeah Elementry School-
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History - First Witnessed Account:  
It was the Korean War which caused the slow down in Swing Dance Circles all over the country.  Never - the - less, and just prior to Elvis's Army induction,  his time of Army service, and then afterwards, explosion on the dance floors all over the country - Swing Dance Circles came alive again with the rapture and orchistrations, and soft melodies.  It was his sence of wildness, sideburns, and that cutting edge appeal, thewild hip action, as if to challenge authority - but held to traditonal family values at the same time which made his public personal.  The musical tempos, his up beat and positive youth image created the flash point in which American youth came into empowerment - never witnessed before since the Civil War.  Swing Dance Cirlcles, Swing Dancing, and Swing Dance Classes became the rage, and it even pushed the Dance Board of Arthur Murray Dance Studios to create it's own program to created both Swing dance classes, and Lindy Hop dance classes
A cadre of top independent swing dancers created  the market foundation blocks for  the American Bandstand's  success, and sudden'ly the perpetual youthful  figure of Dick Clark appeared as another American icon.  With American Bandstand  Winter fore-rays at The War Memorial, Fort Lauderdale, the South Florida ( though unorganized at that time ) Swing Dance Circles became extremely strong.
Like the Korean War - which puncture a lot of youthful energy out of the Swing Dance Circles of the forties, Vietnam did the same for the Swing Dance Circles of the late 50's -  60s.  What this created, is that Arthur Murray's course program finally became dominate - as most of the Swing Dance circle leaders signed up to go to the Vietnam War.  Elvis was giving his attentions to other musical movements, yet his records were kept in all of our hearts.   What most did not know at the time is that we gave birth to most powerful Super - Culture of American Youth, and that those who loved Swing, Jitterbug, Lindy Hop, or just Dan " Z " ing to " da " Jazz   were also in love with our country at the sametime - some ( like Tony Chadwick - " The Wolf Man "of Hialeah, Florida ) of the best swing - lindy hop dancers lost their lives in this war, and the vacume it created still has not been filled.  Some day ask me why ?  Everything went  "Squares'vile, or  Nerded Up."  Vietnam Veteran Roger M. Christian.
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Additional Note:  One of the people I also got pointers from- when he went by the name of Evans-was Chubby Checkers.  Chubby, a great Lindy dancer,  did two things. Invented The Dance Twist - to promote his record 45 release. And this shot down all patner dances including Swing.  The breaking point came at or around 1963 to 1965.
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