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 Latin Dance Classes Ithaca, Salsa Classes, Ballroom Dance Classes Ithaca,  Ithaca Swing Dance, & Lindy Hop Dance Classes,  Hot  Hip Hop Action in Ithaca,  Dance Performance,  Choreographer,  Experienced Dance  Judge, Serving Ithaca, Syracuse, Rochester, Elmira, Washington D.C., Chicago,  Buffalo, Toronto, and Binghamton.
Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian's Dance Touring Service:  Master Latin Dance Classes & Ballroom Theatre Arts Classes ( 36 years of teaching experience ) & Dance Troupe Sign - Ups Directory Index Website.
Ithaca Socials and Ithaca Social Dances: Private Dance  Lessons Ithaca@ $ 40.00, Plus rentals and per diem.
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Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian Touring  Master Latin Dance Classes: Choreography and Judging.
Master Latin Dance Classes in Latin Danza de Arte, Ballroom Theatre Arts, How to Teach Dance, First Dance, Sweet 16 Father Daughter Dance, Bridal Dance, Bar and Bats Mitzvahs, Wedding Dance~~consulting. All dance classes starts with the Ithaca Social Dance Economy Program which is based upon the $ 20.00/four dance class-orientation specials. Total package costs $ 145.00 for 38 Hours of exciting dance classes-lessons plus, 4 dance party orientations for students to produce their own Social Dances.
Phone 607  - 451 - 8663
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Roger M. Christian's check list of those style - troupe you are interested joining, leading, and developing,  Divisions entailed are Amatuer, Pro - Amatuer, and Professional. The magical equation is always A = Dance + Ithaca = Fun/Dance Ithaca, or Thrills/Ithaca Dance. Dance Ithaca Blog [ WebSite ]
Dance Troupe Auditions:  All auditions are for placement only~~no one refused~~an equal dance arts concept. Dancer lists now being taken~~Email, or Register:    All training is FREE:: Mr. Christian.   Note: Inter group dating will be discouraged. Couples must be already established previously. The Dance Ithaca Directory [ WebSite ] Dance Jobs [ WebSite ]
Troupe Audition Announcements  to followed concerning:
The Falcon and Doves: Competed at Utica, N.Y., Performed National Dance Week State Theatre, and Competed in Vegas.  
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Israeli Folk Dance Performance  Something New:
One of the goals in developing this troupe is to produce a Women's Only Dance Theatre~~~Audience, Performers, and Stage Crew all " Women ".   Women Studies at SUCB.
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My Favorite Dances:: Mambo, Waltz, Salsa - Son Montuno, Paso Doble,  Bolero, Argentine Tango, Israeli Folk Dance, and The Theatre Arts; Latina Danza de Arte, & Ballroom Theatre Arts: Theatre Arts and Classical Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, and African Dance Techniques to both Ballroom  ( Waltz, Foxtrot, American Tango ) and Latin ( Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Merengue-etc )Formal Dance, ie. Waltz, Mambo, and Bolero; this also includes Dan"Z"ing to da JAZZ  called all sorts of things.
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Hip Hop and Modern Jazz
Dance Shoes and Costumes:: Salsa Dance Dresses and Clothing Ithaca ::          ]    Swing Dance Dresses and Clothing Ithaca ~  Ballroom Dance Dresses and Clothing Ithaca ~  Swing Dance Dresses Prom Portal.US.Com  Ballroom Dance Dress Prom Portal.US.Com  Fashions Trend Setters / Trendsetters .
Communities served:: Latin Dance Classes, Ballroon Dance Classes, Swing and Lindy Hop Dance Classes, Israeli Folk Dance, Choreography Services, Dance Judging, Competitions, and Dance Performances-for Bar/Bat Mitznahs, Ithaca,  Elmira,  Aurora,  Cortland,  Binghamton, Albany,  Syracuse, Troy, Waverly, Syre, Harrisburg,  Pittsburgh, Washnington,D.C.,  Rochester, Buffalo,  Niagara Falls,  Deposit,  Utica, Cayuga Heights, Trumansburg, Seneca Falls, Owego, Oswego, Chicago,  Miami,  Fort Lauderdale,  New York City,  Atlanta,    Tel Aviv,  Rostov, Smolensk, Homer, Big Flats, Corning, Mexico City, San Juan Poerto Rico, Toronto,    Cornell University, Ithaca College,    Montreal,   State University of New York at Buffalo, State University College at Buffalo, University of Rochester, Acapulco, Skeneateles, Atlantic City, Los Vegas, Arlington, Silver Springs,  Dallas ,   Miami Beach  .
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