Hot Hip Hop Action in Ithaca:
" In Ithaca Dance is  Hip Hop Ithaca, Jazz, Break Dance, Disco Fever, Choreography, Producers, and  Dance Troupes. Wow...I love to Dance in Ithaca.  "
Every Monday @ 7:30 PM @ Location To be Announced
607 - 279 - 9945
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Hip Hop Friday  To be Announced 7:30 to 8:30 PM-then go clubing in Ithaca. Special times can be arranged. Private Dance Lessons Ithaca.
Unknown to most, Hip Hop first saw it's debut'e through dance innovator and African American singer James Brown. Then he called his creation  " The Sex Machine ".  What he devised was placing momentum of action through the knees to the hips, while changing weight at the same time.  Thus the discriptive of what was leter on called Hip Hop-the hip actually looked like it hop'ed. The style and direction of this hip hop session is very much like what you will see on MTV, and in musical videos. What you may not know is that of much the hip hop is being called now-a-days is actually from the disco era, and thus is disco dancing.
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Disco Step -by - Step ( R ) ~~ The first television show dedicated to disco music, dance instruction and hustle dancing.  It aried in the late '70s.
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