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Appendix - One.

I remember my first ballet class.  Six years old, and very scared.
My mother and father both asked me how I would like to take dance lessons like my friend Kerri ?  Kerri was neat, and I immediately said " yes ."

Well that was 25 years ago.  I am now married, living with a wonderful man, two sons, and a daughter.  All my children are taking dance lessons at my dance school. Yet, it all started at my first dance class.

Kerri was not there.  She was in an advance class, as she already had a years worth of ballet lessons.  Feeling alone, as I expected to see and meet her here, I became nervous and upset. But as my mother taught me, I must remain well behaved.  I looked across the reception area and saw another girl of similar age.  She was visably nervous too!

So while our parents were registering the both of us in ballet class, we  approached each other.  Our self-acknowledge fears drew us closer and together.

I asked her who are you ? Her responce. " Sheena." She ask me for mine, and I replied " Doris."  Then our parent's looked on, and nooded in quaint approval, as we talked.

Later the ballet teacher escorted us into the classroom with it's wooden ballet barres, and mirrored covered walls, while held each other held hands.  All during the initial class, each time one of us needed a little encouragement, the other would smile back in support.  The dance teacher noticed this, and encouraged this behavior.  Little by little, as well as  all the other classes since, a special bond grew between us.

Sheena at this time a high priced Madison Avenue New york City Lawyer, had a husban who is not all that good to her, and a loving daughter, Kelly, who is the best thing that ever happened to her.  We alaways kept in touch, even though our lives took different paths.

Suddenly,  Sheena quit her position and moved back to California. She did this in secret. She had a bad fight with her husban.

I was totally surprised when she appeared at my dance school holding Kelly hand in hand.  As we talked in the reception area, my daughter Free saw a nervous little girl and went to her, and asked her for her name.  She responded. " Kelly." Both of us looked with awesome amazed looks on our faces, as we looked to each other, and another bond was sealed between us.  A magical soft lined door opened.

So here am I in the audience of this ballet, and in the next seat is Sheena twelve years later.  Both of us holding hands.  Sheena got divorced and remarried an actor turned Internet Consultant.  This time Kelly and Free were performing a Duet.  It was their professional debute, and Sheena's husban's Hollywood contacts arranged all this-what a great guy too.

The audience loved it, and everyone gave them a standing ovation.  Sheena and I still holding hands and we looked to each other, with at our husbans and our other children enjoying this very, very magical moment of Generations.

Doris Meeker

PS.  Kerri is still neat as ever.  She first bacame a Nurse. Then served in the US Marine Corps and in the Vietnam War.  Got tired of taking orders, then bacame a doctor herself, and  then she gave the orders, and now is fighting AIDs in Africa.  Her daughter also took lessons from me too!   Again Generations.

The Ithaca Ballet
BY: Roger M. Christian
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