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The Children's Dance Hour is a special program in which the child is transformed into the " Little Client " in which their innate responces to music can find a creative ( see newsletter ) physical and emotional medium outlet to dance and perform.
TRI - FALCON AND DOVE DANCE ACADEMY Contact:  Roger M. Christian  Cost: $ 10.00/Four Dance Hours, then a sliding scale fee of $2.50 to $4.50/Hour paid in monthly increments. ITHACA HOURS WELCOMED.
Wanted at sometime is an assistant.  Pay starts at $ 15.00/Hour.
Registration for Dance Explorers Dance Camp [ Click Here for WebSite ]  [ Click Here for online Registration forms ] .  Teachers are being trained now.
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The Program:

Every Sunday 11:30  to 12:30 PM Class is for 9 to 12 YO. This is followed  by 12:30 to 1:30 PM Class for 3 to 8 YO.  Class Schedules:
Program Conception: (The reason why I can teach all Kids.)
Base upon experience in working with Children with Down's Syndrome, , I became aware of the awsome creative drive of this population just before the ages of 12 to 14 years old.  Moreover, when I discovered that Art Linkletter had at one time, The Art Linkletter Toe Toddlers School, I soon became aware of the creative equality linkage between those with Down's and Mainstreamers.  The revelation of this was awsome, and this inspired me to one day develop this discovery one step further. Moreover, I needed a better education.  This I studied at SUCB  Piaget, and Erickson's Stage Therories, Dr. David Barney's Personality Organization, Janus Korchak, the father of Modern Israeli Education, and for that special creative union link, Professor Vicktor Frankel's  Logo Therories-which he used the therapy aspects of his thesis.  The following organization is the mainstream aspects of discovery" Personal Ownership".

The Dance Class Organization:

Introduction SIMON SAYS                                   5 to 6 Minuets.

Structure MILD BALLET                                      15 to 18 Minuets

Choreography STEP COMBINATIONS                  8 to 19 Minuets

Freesyle INTERACTIVE FACILITATION                 10 to 15 Minuets

Ownership IMPROMPTU PERFORMANCE            8 to 12 Minuets

Talk CONFERENCES                                          Time left over.

Interactive facilitation focuses on what the little client is trying to do, and without invading their special zones ( Logo centered ), to show an "additional element they can used to " facilitate a better performance-with " their " permission.

Talk conferences, and sit down's ( spread out during the initial sessions ) are to focus on developing a community personal support circle among this age groupings, and the moral consciousness and emotional support structures this impacts during the impromptu performances.

What was discovered is that most who dance are socially motivated, while others may want to persue a classical approach.  Moreover, and with the emphasis on creativity and dance ownership, the little client's emerging support circles may be forming their own social dance culture at the sametime.  Thus those who want classical training will be reffered, if I have not hired the proper teacher, while those with a more social intention goes on to my youth programs, ie. The All American Dance Troupe, as they develop, or goes to one of my traditional dance classes.  Then later on represents the school in competitions.   Dance referrals: Ballet  The Ithaca Ballet, ( Male Centered )
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