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Why? It is the program goal," Top " which is already implaced International and National Cultural Fiestas, the available resources, " Below " to International Students / Scholars, along which format to follow, " Left " Intercultural Communications, the additional need networks, " Center " The International Students / Scholars, and the how and why they should be brought together, " Right and Below " Policy Statement which gives over context of the undertaking itself, as well as its central vision.

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Policy Statement Intercultural Communication / Conflict Preventioning

In the efforts to careful examine programs to lessen conflicts worldwide, we are testing a new forms cultural programs, and developing active organizations to tarket key areas in social, cultural, spiritual, and political positive behaviors. There is no time for delying progress in achiving specific aims, or the steps to achive the intermediate goals necessary to instutionalized more positive behaviors into formal settings-which are then participated by the larger public at large.

For example: The Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca when employed helped to set the stage for interviewing Arab students scholars attending various institutions of higher education with Western New York, and Ontario, Canada, the response was far more advantageous, than to interact on a political issue, or enter any debate 1973 - 1992.

The global concerns of today are characterized by the equation of how to balance increase populations with known resources to support human civilizations ( note the plural ). With the cultural communications technological break-throughs of the Internet, their Search Engines and Providers, there has been a radical increase of massive growing numbers of contacts on a global scale resulting in communication between people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

The Internet and the rapid growth of its use takes place because of the modern high technologies need for more rapid and safe International Commmuncations and their Promotions within the areas of business, military cooperation, science, education, massmedia, entertainment, tourism but also because of massive migrations and increase influx of migrate workers, the issue now in the United States sometimes in the millions brought about by labor and food, shortages in the homeland, or for pure personal safety, or political issues.

In all these contacts, there are additional means of communications which needs to be as marketable to online users as much as possible, without websites being confusing, or hard to understand. The cental core of such markets, and the means to inspire action mostly rest on the beliefs and value systems of the each user and their business interest as well. Moreover, additional syntax as a field of communication research on the Internet on the eventual rise of bi - lingual websites depicting accurately linguistic and cultural similarities and differences are always first and necessary. Then with these objective once achieved, then the internet can play a more positive and constructive role in conflict preventioning.

The principles of InterCultural Communications is to promote the cultural democratic rights of how one is to judge ones own rights to self-determination without being denied access to information and similarities in other cultural based societies. Education, then and should be on the alert not to personalized nor politicalize another's cultural heritage in negative, or demeaning attitudes. Thus trainning in intercultural communications learns the first rule of how communications is to be implemented. That immediately focuses on both listenting skills, and clearly undertand the language of who is talking, while taking into account the individual who is talking their ethical value systems learned from their own culture during various stages of their early, then young adult human development.

This learinng orientation stage, " Policy Statement " was learned from experiences in assisting as a mentor to thousdands of International Students / Scholars within the academic insitutions of both Western, New York, and Ontario, Canada, and through several seminars and conferences with various Human Rights, African American and Jewish Students organizaztions, both local, National, and International.

What was discovered, and subsequently what the eventual expectation and additional need to create supportive institutions have been already, then, understood by every major International Students Affairs Academic office both Nationally and Internationally. What the past, now present International Students / Scholars greater interests have been shown in the activities of America towards their own nations, as they have pointed the need for America to have better experienced foreign service officials representing The United States, and for America to emplace critical social, cultural and political peer reviews, in which the affected nation can produce qualified opinions by their own ciitizens who will be equally heard to freely express their views during any local, national, and International discourse towards their own nations. For: American Foreign policy without affected peoples socio-cultural representation creates enemies towards common American citizens.

Procedures within the vast areas of intercultural communications, and the means in which citizens from the country being affected by American International discourse which produces firm actions, both positive, or negative must be balanced by the principle of cultural democracy. By initiating the critical third person voice of International pool of citizens to the internal discourse of American concerns is to encourage the following:

One: A more respectable International policy.

Two: Free Trade

Three: Focus more on cultural reinforcment research to solicit consensus on each nation being viewed.

Four: Facilitate broader private contacts between interested researchers as well as to provide better possibilities in developing a conflict free globe - the peace of Earth itself.

Facilitator: Mr. Roger M. Christian.

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