Last week was so busy at Arizona Ballet Theatre

Last week was so busy at Arizona Ballet Theatre

Photo by Jennifer Gorowsky At A "Magic 2009" Rehearsal

Last week was so busy at Arizona Ballet Theatre. It is wonderful to see you all back; I expect several more faces to return over the next two weeks. Things traditionally settle out after Labor Day; so far so good. Thank you.

Today will be a busy Monday with my Usual Morning Adult Ballet crowd and dance all afternoon. Last week, the new Monday afternoon ballet class was small yet respectable. For the time being, I recommend to anyone new to my ballet classes to come from 4:30 -6 pm today. You will get a lot of special attention, AND I can review my necessary basics for you.

Miss Megan has her Little Dancers starting at 4PM and proceeding in their levels through the afternoon. Following Megan's last class of Monday afternoon, Marguerite will begin her new Middle Eastern Class at ABT which will run from 6:30 to 7:45. I know that many of you are looking forward to trying this class. You will love it.

I want to announce (formally) something wonderful that has happened to one of our most visible ABT dancers. I have been keeping it somewhat quiet until Chaz had the chance to talk to everyone he needed to about a major change in his dance life. Our own, Chaz Knight, has been awarded (and he has accepted) a full scholarship to study at the Alvin Ailey School in Manhattan. Chaz will be moving to New York City to pursue his dance dreams. We are all so proud of him and excited about the possibilities ahead. For those of you who have danced with Chaz, you know his story of coming to dance rather late and working so intensively at Arizona Ballet Theatre's Studio to "make up for lost time" (so to speak). He studied intensively with with me and with Norman Walker.

You know that I, in my MIss Cecily persona, and Norman have a can-do attitude for dancers who are in such a position. Though it goes a bit against ballet tradition, I believe that with my special exercises and fast track approach, your dance dreams can come true if you are willing to do your part, as Chaz has done. Look what can happen! You can dance at one of the world's , most renowned dance institutions. Basically, I ask you to surrender to my full-speed-ahead approach especially when it comes to turning, waltzing, and getting that ballet look that those in the know recognize instantly. "World Peace Through Ballet" is my personal motto, and I am sticking with it. At ABT we love all good dance, and it shows by how very well our students fare out there in the bigger world. A good foundation definitely helps in every thing you will do in your life.

Come see Chaz this week, and say your good byes before he leaves the Old Pueblo for the Big Apple. He will be happy to teach a going away stretch class if we can figure out a time slot. Let me know if you are interested and I will add your name to the list!

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